May 5-10: IGNITE! Theatre Festival

Participants of the IGNITE! Mentorship Program in directing, playwriting, stage management, and lighting design team up to bring you three brand new plays, all created and performed by youth!

Party Princess Rule No.Five
Written by Karina Palmitesta
Directed by Jessica Van Elk

Stay in character. Keep smiling. Never, ever, ever use the bathroom. Newbie party princess Madeleine must learn to live by a few simple rules—but when the past unexpectedly catches up with her on the job, those rules are the least of her problems. Trapped in a bathroom and a polyester bustle, caught between a boss and a group of rambunctious toddlers, Madeleine must confront her past and shape her future in this outrageous one-act comedy.

Mighty Qualified, Plenty Smote
Written by Ronan Nanning Watson
Directed by Chalene Scott

Mighty Qualified, Plenty Smote takes place somewhere between a blues ballad and a vaudeville routine, between way-back then and this very day. We follow Liona, a displaced migrant worker from Japan, on her no-nonsense hunt for a shred of decency to huddle under. She is kicked around by discrimination, half burnt to death by fate, nearly drowned in whiskey, and swindled from her soul by a snakeoil salesman who claims to be the Devil. All she has is the blues and a strange guitar to soldier onward. Mighty Qualified, Plenty Smote is steeped in the rich tradition of blues music and its complicated history.

The Lies We Tell
Directed and Devised by Paul Weston
Key Collaboration by Nathan Smith
Co-Devised by Arggy Jenati, Ben Herman, Zach Wolfman

Truth is only perception. Sometimes the realities we live with, and the choices we make, are governed by the stories we create about ourselves, and the world around us. The Lies We Tell is about the power of secrecy and deceit, and how our own persona can be distorted through fiction. What is the cost of what we say—or what we don’t say? How much damage can one lie cause? Tell it enough times, and you might begin to believe it yourself…

Schedule: IGNITE! Theatre Festival Line Up: Starting at 6pm
Monday May 5: Mighty Qualified Plenty Smote and The Lies We Tell
Tuesday May 6: Party Princess Rule No. Five and Mighty Qualified Plenty Smote
Wednesday May 7: The Lies We Tell and Party Princess Rule No. Five
Thursday May 8: The Lies We Tell and Party Princess Rule No. Five
Friday May 9: The Lies We Tell and Mighty Qualified Plenty Smote
Saturday May 10: Party Princess Rule No. Five and Mighty Qualified Plenty Smote

PLUS: Triple Bill Saturday May 10 @ 2pm
Party Princess Rule No. Five, Mighty Qualified Plenty Smote, and The Lies We Tell