A surprising stat from our survey - 16% of respondents would be stoked to hop up (all alone!) on stage to participate, and 64% would be likely to so long as they were in a group. Wow! We’d love to have all of you on stage with us. :)

Reminder that if you’d like to participate in a big way (aka perform) - contact us at [email protected] before Feb 24th.

The final nugget from our survey? Our most successful promotion is word of mouth, so please, tell your friends about us!


Survey results say - females are more likely to attend IGNITE! (or more likely to fill out surveys). Kidding aside, we asked for answers this fall, and got some interesting ones.

- We learned that respondents loved the fruit basket and music components of IGNITE! most.

- We might need to re-vamp our workshops, because overall those who attended rated it above average, but about half our respondents didn’t attend them.

- We got overwhelmingly positive responses! Only 0.5% of our responses rated an offering as “a foul stench” (aka 1 out of 195!) Thanks!! In comparison, we got 30% top marks. We love you too!

We did have somewhere you could request what you’d like to see more of, and we’d like to share a couple responses we got.

"Drunken bear fire parkour"
“more cowbells”

(some more serious and specific responses as well, which we will take into consideration)

Tomorrow - find out the stat that surprised us all…

Posted 24, January, 2014

What Should a Youth Festival Be?

What an existential question…

We came up with a few answers, but are also curious to know what you think!

* A youth festival should be creative, inspiring, fun, supportive, respectful, yet stimulating.
* A youth festival should engage/inspire all participants. Yay.
* A youth festival should be vibrating, exciting, a group of people coming together having a gay-old time.
* A youth festival should be an organized space that facilitates and promotes an enlightening and engaging creative environment.

A common theme for us when having this brainstorming session, was community. We discussed what communities we are a part of, what community means to us, and how we can build community. We’ll be doing some community engagement events leading up to our festival, and if you watch this blog we’ll let you know when we book them. :)

Posted 24, January, 2014

How do you even begin to make a festival?

The IGNITE! youth panel has been meeting every monday since early October, planning and preparing for the 2014 IGNITE! youth fest.

What have we been doing with all that time? WELL…

- brainstormed what a youth festival should include
- made goals for our personal experience with IGNITE! this year
- made a poster called “Steps For Success”
- did some research on other festivals around town
- made a survey to see how we did last year
- created committee’s
- decided on a festival theme
- discussed branding
- created a website
- created an audition/submission postcard sized flyer
- planned where to distribute flyers
- brainstormed community events
- created a budget

Over the next few days I’ll be delving deeper into some of these subjects - stay tuned! We’ll also be sharing a story of how we delivered a gift in a very creative way… true IGNITE! style.