Survey results say - females are more likely to attend IGNITE! (or more likely to fill out surveys). Kidding aside, we asked for answers this fall, and got some interesting ones.

- We learned that respondents loved the fruit basket and music components of IGNITE! most.

- We might need to re-vamp our workshops, because overall those who attended rated it above average, but about half our respondents didn’t attend them.

- We got overwhelmingly positive responses! Only 0.5% of our responses rated an offering as “a foul stench” (aka 1 out of 195!) Thanks!! In comparison, we got 30% top marks. We love you too!

We did have somewhere you could request what you’d like to see more of, and we’d like to share a couple responses we got.

"Drunken bear fire parkour"
“more cowbells”

(some more serious and specific responses as well, which we will take into consideration)

Tomorrow - find out the stat that surprised us all…