Thursday May 8: IGNITE! Unplugged

Venture into an acoustic wonderland with us. For the first time ever, we’re taking IGNITE! and stripping away the tech. We’ve set up The Cultch with a baby grand piano, some seating in the round, and we’ve left it unplugged. This evening will be a casual musical journey, with an arresting dance interlude. The dress code for this evening is comfy, so please bring along a thermos of tea and a pillow. Really! Below are our awesome performers;

Aleksa Cakalj’s Remorseful Romeo (2R- Double R)
Aleksa will be presenting a rather unusual version of Romeo and Juliet. He combined Romeo’s last monologue, that is mourning the “death” of Juliet and a song “A Time for Us” originally sung by Andy Williams and “One hand, One heart” from Westside Story. He played Romeo at the age of 10 and instantly fell in love with the play. He performed this act at Stanley Park’s 125th Birthday Celebration. This play has been Aleksa’s life and passion. He’s performed in other Shakespeare’s plays, but this one is by far his favorite play. He hopes you will like it.

Anja Rabus’ Help Me Stand
My name is Anja Rabus. I have been playing piano and violin for eleven years and one of the aspects I enjoy the most about music is to be able to write my own. Composing has lent me an incredible amount of freedom of expression. I am going to be playing a piece that I named “Help Me Stand” on piano which I wrote over the summer.

Chloë Dolores
Chloë Dolores is a budding singer-songwriter who has participated in the Cultch’s youth song-writing mentorship program, sang in Veda Hille’s ‘Complaints Choir’ and has accompanied various musicians and bands as a backup singer, guitarist and pianist. Chloë has been active in local theatre and circus productions and is excited to be scraping the surface of the music scene.

Con8 Collective
This duet is the illustration of the close bond that forms between two people who share something intangible. A secret represents the need and desire to connect to each other through physical contact and the union of two imaginations. Through movement we create a unique metaphysical bond - linked by our secret - that allows us to interact with the audience and let them into our own little world. Come laugh and play with us.

Noah Franche-Nolan
My name Noah Franche-Nolan and I am a 16 year old jazz pianist. I am inspired by great musicians such as Brad Mehldau, Charles Mingues, Bill Evans, Bach, Charlie Parker and Radiohead.

Ritmico was created within the Vancouver Youth Choir, its members forming an instant bond over the joys of music-making in an ensemble. Ritmico – Latin for rhythmic – strives to encompass all facets of music in the versatility of a capella. The quartet members have a combined age of sixty-four and sing in a range of more than four octaves. A mix of hipsters, hippies, geeks, and strong supporters of sarcasm, this eclectic group of young musicians will delight and dazzle your senses.

Steven Botel
Steven plays all sorts of music; from renaissance to atonal, from Bach to blues. He composes for the guitar and sings in the Vancouver Community College Concert Choir. Right now he is wrapping up his music diploma at VCC and teaching guitar and ukulele. Tonight Steven will be playing a widely varied set for solo classical guitar (which was handmade by Steve Ganz).

Tambai Marimba
Tambai means “dance” in the Shona language and that is what audiences want to do when they hear this band of 8 talented young artists aged 13 to 17. Tambai have been performing their lively and joyful marimba music, which is rooted in the Zimbabwean marimba tradition, for the last five years. Under the guidance of Robin Layne the group has developed an exciting and highly entertaining repertoire, which includes their own original compositions. Tambai’s rhythmic and tuneful music, performed with youthful enthusiasm, is a joy to hear and to see.