Wednesday May 7: Space Voyage

Set your phazers to stunning! This is a night to remember, with moondance and space jams galore! Have an aural experience on the red planet and jump to the moon, but don’t forget your space boots! Everyone knows the galactic federation is all about style, so strap on your neon and tape up your tinfoil, because we’re going to a galaxy far, far away! Our awesome performers for Space Voyage listed below.

April Fools Childrenhood
A solo project by youth composer and performer David Cowling, The April Fools Childrenhood is a mesh of simple guitar loops, dusty delays, and haunting vocal lines meant to send the audience to a place of contemplation and confusion.
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Big EviL
What happens when jazz school students get tired of jazz and want to play weird groovy loud “avant-garde funk” instead? They get together and start a band and call it Big EviL, which is just what happened to these 5 musicians. Blending their schooling with elements from funk, rock, metal, and classical, Big EviL plays their own brand of music and they challenge you to try to dance to it.


Perform Art Studios’ Elite Company
Elite Company is an advanced youth dance company run out of North Vancouver’s Perform Art Studios. It gives talented dancers the opportunity to train and perform in a variety of styles while working in a professional environment. The company’s dancers are Isabelle La Roche, Lauryn Elliot, Johanna Dipple, Morgan Cheung, Julia Thicke, and Georgia Graham. While they all have different strengths and different backgrounds, the Elite Company excels as a group because of the dedication and passion of its members.

Samantha and Fionella
Friends before they knew it, Samantha and Fiorella will be bringing their separate talents and combining them into one slammin’ collaborative piece! Bringing together the elegance of the piano and the rockstar power of the electric guitar, be prepared for a different spin on a famous classical number.

She Dreams in Colour
She Dreams in Colour is an all-girls alternative/punk rock band from Surrey, British Columbia. The girls have performed at dozens of events, and thanks to their shared passion for performing their energetic rock tracks, SDiC has managed to gain a great deal of attention. Excited for the release of their debut EP, “NEWBORN,” the girls are eager to reach as many people as possible with their music. Prepare to dance, smile and get sweaty.
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Tessa Mouzarakis
Tessa Mouzourakis is a sixteen-year-old singer/songwriter from Vancouver, BC. Tessa has been writing songs since the tender age of eight and has, since then, penned over fifty songs; finding inspiration from just about anywhere. She has performed at venues and festivals all over British Columbia as well as in Washington, USA and has released three singles on iTunes. Tessa plays guitar, piano, mandolin and ukulele and is a student at the Sarah McLachlan School of Music.