Tuesday May 6: Woodland Wonderland

Bundle up, stay warm, and come sing along! In this wonderland be prepared to; laugh with some impromptu improv, watch graceful dancers bound across the stage, and listen to some amazing music and sing along when you feel like it! This is a night inspired by nature in forests. Walk through the doors and enter into a magical woodland wonderland. Come dressed as a tree, stone, river or wearing your coziest camping flannel! If you ever wanted to be a tree here’s your chance! Also we ask all audience members to bring a leaf from a tree (any kind, any size). Our awesome performers for Woodland Wonderland listed below.

Alluvium is a five piece indie rock group from Vancouver. Since forming in 2013, Alluvium has played in festivals such as IGNITE! Youth Fest, Momentum Youth Festival, and Industry Showdown Festival with bands such as Hey Ocean, Cut Losses, Aida, and Derrival. They’ve played venues such as the Massey Theatre, the Cultch, the Inlet Theatre, and Tom Lee Music Hall Granville. Alluvium’s sound is influenced by jazz, pop. folk, and psychedelic rock, and their live show is engaging and lively. And sweaty. Email Alluvium at [email protected] for booking inquiries or to spread some love!
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Emma Daly
Emma has been writing and performing songs for as long as she can remember. She started recording original music in winter 2010 with her first guitar, Mabel, and her keyboard. Her music is sure to leave you captivated, whether it be with a whimsical tale or an uninhibited diary entry.

She is currently recording her first full-length album, due out Spring 2014.

Hannah Jackson
CLING-STONE is a physical exploration of a concept I have been thinking and writing a lot about lately: the plural meaning of “pit”, as both a solid, heavy core and an empty hole, descriptive of both positive and negative space. I am interested in the way that moving from a feeling of weight versus weightlessness in the core of the body influences the dynamics of movement.

Julia May
Julia is a indecisive grease van girl, she’s got a flare for donuts and the unexpected. In her spare time she writes unconventional love songs and watches cartoons.

The Landing Dance
The Landing Dance Centre was established in August 2008 by professional dance artist Brenna McLaud. It was Brenna’s vision and mandate to offer a full service studio space that supports and encourages those with a raw passion for creative expression.

Our focus is on holistic development of our dancers: conscientious, disciplined and balanced young individuals empowered with the confidence to excel in all aspects of their lives. The end result is a dancer who can adapt quickly to changing artistic demands, and actively contribute to the creative process.

We believe that by providing resources to further the dreams of aspiring young artists and developing dance companies, we are truly investing in the long term future of the performing arts.

North Shore Celtic Ensemble
The North Shore Junior Celtic Ensemble is a dynamic and evolving group of young fiddlers ages 13 to 19. As with all levels of the North Shore Celtic Ensemble, this group takes to the streets on a regular basis, sharing their enthusiasm in cafés, in parades, at festivals, fundraisers and community events of all kinds. Directed by professional musician Claude Giguère, this lively ensemble makes MUSIC - prepare to be engaged!

Cello _ Talia
These two creatures have spent the past year sharpening their intellectual claws on the rugged bark of ancient firs, spruces, and cedars in Squamish (at Quest University). Thoughtful growth led Cello and Talia to ask: how much do our names shape who we are? As their cells divided and their bodies grew, many forces formed the curves and consciousness that will be presented in this show. How much are we a manifestation of the environmental forces pressing down on us? Who are we? We are what you think we are. Where do we come from? We come from stardust and time. So why the labels?

Temprov Ladies _ Gents
With suggestions from the crowd, we will come up with an improv scene on the spot. Be it a theme, life, story or style event, its guaranteed to be great.

World Music Program
Over the past ten years the World Music Program has brought their unique sound to audiences across the Lower Mainland, China, and Greece! Described by the North Shore News as having an “otherworldly” sound, they play a mix of traditional African music, popular cover tunes, and completely original works - all arranged for just over 700 pounds of handcrafted African marimbas! Prepare to be carried away by their soulful love of music and the sheer energy of their sound!