Monday May 5: Alice in Wonderland

You’re in for a wild and wacky trip! Join us as we fall down the rabbit hole, for the opening night of the IGNITE! Youth Festival! Dive into Alice’s wonderland and be swept up by a psychedelic soup of bands, music, poetry and performances! Our awesome performers for “Alice in Wonderland” listed below!

Ashara X
All her life Ashara has been in love with singing, and a very dedicated athlete. After 8 years of training and competing in figure skating, in Victoria and Vancouver and 3 years of international competitive cheerleading, Ashara discovered her love for circus. Inspired by a hand to hand duo on “America’s Got Talent” she made no hesitation in finding CircusWest, where she spent 3 years learning the basics of circus. After participating in pre-selection tours and the summer camp, Ashara decided to audition for École Nationale De Cirque, in Montreal. She was accepted into the Mise a Niveau program and began learning the art of the aerial hoop. Now she spends her time between Vancouver and Montreal, continuing to train and perform with the goal of fulfilling her dreams of becoming a professional circus artist and hopefully move on to perform in a Cirque Du Soleil show one day soon!

Our names are Gillian Utzig and Derya Whaley-Kalara. Derya has been dancing for 12 years, since she was 2. She dances at Arts Umbrella. Gillian has been dancing 8 years, since she was 8. She dances at the Landing Dance Centre.

We’ve known each other for 10 years and this is our first time performing together. We’ve always had a passion for dance, and are excited at the opportunity to showcase our dance at IGNITE!.

I have been singing for several years and was always experimenting with harmonies. I was inspired by Imogen Heap to begin looping and creating harmonies with myself using technology to produce vocal layering. This has quickly become a great passion of mine and I hope to continue learning and improving my skills in both music and musical technology.

Funk Schwey
They call themselves a rock outfit, but their tunes are a marriage of jazz, blues, R_B, pop, hip-hop, and whatever else the band feels like playing. The result is music that’s fun, energetic, and—for lack of a better word—funky. It’s different enough to put them miles ahead of all the other high school rock bands, but accessible enough so that just about anyone could hear a Funk Schwey tune and start bobbing their heads to the beat. -By Zak Vescera

Coming from a background comprised mostly of mammalian type bipeds, Jeremy has learned the most effective ways to ensure that his act does not ensure his demise in most situations (theoretically, at least). He had intended to pursue a life as a traveling statue, but when brought to light about the limited mobility of most inanimate objects, he chose to eschew this dream for the more practical, albeit less profitable, role of traveling musician. You might see him playing at the Waterfront station by the seabus, or, on rare occasions in the small university town of Maastricht.

Please refrain from bringing throwing knives to the performance. He has had less than savoury experiences with them at shows in Kiev. That said, if you would like to throw produce and feed him for free, that will greatly alleviate the budget for Pyotr and Chandler Bing, his carriage horses.

Maizy and Peach
We are Maizy and Peach, we have been born and rained on in Eastvan.. Maizy for 19 years, Peachy for 14. We love to sing and play music together. Our Dad was a punk musician in the 80’s and he’s our greatest teacher. Usually Maizy sings and Peachy plays piano and guitar, she sings too! Recently we played Riff-raff and Magenta in Windsor House’s production of Rocky Horror. It was great fun.

Mati Cormier
Self-proclaimed princess and performer, Mati is a young Vancouverite and avid adventure. Inspirations such as Amanda Palmer and Laurie Anderson have fueled her passion for poetry and spoken word, and she strives to attack all sorts of stages with vigor and perhaps a bit of glitter.

Saxual Tension
Saxual Tension is on the rise with Vancouver youth! This sax quartet has been wowing audiences around Vancouver with their grand total of 0 performances! Their 7 month tenure as a group has culminated in the group having experience in ballads, tango, and pop. Comprised of Matthew Douglas and Josh Robillo on the Alto Sax, Michael Wadham on the Tenor Sax, and David Miiller on the best sax of them all-the Baritone Sax, the groups saxual tendencies will bring everybody saxual tension and make each audience member think about who they are saxually.

Thinking in Shapes
Thinking In Shapes is an Alternative rock back from Vancouver. Made up of Ian Winkler on Guitar, Jared Radvak on Drums, Riley Pynn on Bass and Nicole Gibson on Lead Vocals.They have performed at Bowfest, Vancouver Fanclub, The Railway Club, and a handful of other small events. Check out their original EP The Bathtub Project on Bandcamp.
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